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Where did the outraged go?

September 17, 2009

Anti-abortionists are “saddened” and abortionists call it a “senseless killing”.  James Pouillon may have been a controversial anti-abortion protester, but his death appears to have unified both sides of the abortion debate, for a short time at least.  Pouillon, a retired 63-year-old, was protesting outside his local high school when he was shot dead on Friday.  Was the killer a psychopathic abortionist who proves that all abortionists are crazed lunatics?  Probably not.  Harlan Drake had nothing to do with the abortion debate, although he was “irritated” by Pouillon’s signs, many of which portrayed graphic images of aborted fetuses.

Nevertheless, Pouillon’s life and death have raised many questions relevant to the abortion debate.  For example, isn’t it ironic that James Pouillon relied on an oxygen tank to live, much like the fetuses he fought to defend?  Or why do parents take offense when their children see graphic images of aborted babies, but allow those same children to watch R-rated movies and violent TV shows?

But an even more important question, at least for me, is this: who is going to step up to defend the killer?  Why has no one mentioned Harlan Drake’s fundamental right to privacy?  What about his own comfort?  What about his right to the pursuit of happiness?  Weren’t these rights threatened by Pouillon’s controversial signs and graphic photographs?  It’s time for abortionists to stand up and speak out on these issues.

[Jacob Pritt is a Freshman in Apley Court and a Member of the Harvard Republican Club.]

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