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Charged Up

September 13, 2009

An Economist article from the September 3rd edition charts the road ahead for electric vehicles—not just hybrids—but full-fledged electric vehicles. Their message: companies across the world are charging ahead with plans that could revolutionize the automobile industry in as little as two decades. (And Warren Buffett is betting on it.)

Yet there are many who believe the change is not coming fast enough. There are those in Congress who would much rather jump start the industry with heavy-handed legislation that could burden both consumer and manufacturer. (See: Waxman, Markey, et al.)

A quick read of the article and one feels fairly reassured that we are not doomed to drive gas-guzzlers for all eternity. Free enterprise is driving us toward a greener, electric future. (Lithium-ions are helping.)

“But where’s the change?” many ask. Some see no evidence of progress. Well, Adam Smith called the Invisible Hand invisible for a reason.

Don’t be a backseat driver. Let the Invisible Hand do the driving.

[Mark Isaacson is a Junior Government concentrator in Kirkland House and the Vice-President for Campaigns and Activism of the Harvard Republican Club.]

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