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High Standards for Harvard Republicans

August 28, 2009

An excellent Salient article by our club president.


Speakers to the Harvard Republican Club are fond of reminding its members that, as Harvard Re­publicans, students in­volved in HRC are part of both the “Republican wing of Harvard” and the “Harvard wing of the Republican Party.” For freshmen, this is an important lesson: To gain respect on cam­pus, Harvard Republi­cans must forsake the polemic of Glenn Beck in favor of rigorous analytical and empirical arguments. To gain re­spect in the Republican Party, we must be com­mitted to the cause and masterful in our grasp of policy to allay fears that we are “Republicans in Name Only.” The added challenge is that these two communities’ higher standards often con­flict, so to be a Harvard Republican respected by the student body and the national party requires special skill.


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